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Gary Sasaki Explains the Digital Home to You May 5, 2006

Posted by Bill in SDForum, SIG Meetings.

The next Emerging Technology SIG, coming on Wednesday May 10, is going to be a great one. Once again, we're privileged to have Gary Sasaki stop on by and explain the ongoing evolution of the digital home.


Many presentations on the "Digital Home" talk about grand visions of the future. These presentations have become a bit of a cliché. Digital Living Eco-lution offers a strategic view of the market, and is aimed at business and technology leaders that are looking for growth opportunities. Instead of simply pointing out opportunity areas, you are shown ways to look at the market so that you can better look at your own business situation. The presentation starts by explaining how the market is currently making a key transition right now, and points out some of the implications. Next, the evolution of the digital entertainment ecosystem and some related value chains are explained. This is followed by a discussion about business models, with some illustrations of how and why they are changing. Finally, a provocative prediction of what the next big thing will be, and why.

About Gary Sasaki:

Gary has been involved in the digital consumer electronics industry, plus various parts of its value chain for over ten years. Areas have included digital imaging/video, digital media, digital displays, digital cinema, digital cable, audio/video networking, telematics, and handheld products.

Some of the places that Gary has spoken or done work include Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Philips, Siemens, Bain & Co., CABA, Pepperdine University, Santa Clara University, IBDNetwork, and SDForum.

Gary is also an analyst for The Diffusion Group.



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